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Qui-Vive Insurances

An insurance broker with a focus on companies

Our approach

To us you are never just a number; you are a person with very specific needs and risks. Your insurance package must reflect and cover this perfectly. That is why we think with you, analyse your risks and environment in as much detail as possible – i.e. always on site – and only then do we offer an insurance solution.

In doing so, Qui-Vive sets itself apart in the insurance market, by not just offering a sharp quote but also by investing time in the development of a customised insurance policy.

Your problem = our problem

Our customer engagement also comes across in our accessibility: at Qui-Vive you have a single contact person who manages your file from A to Z and therefore knows it inside out. Moreover, you can always get in touch with someone – including evenings and weekends. Because we know full well that when someone has to use their insurance, they want to be helped quickly or receive a workable answer to their urgent question. Or in other words: the customer's problem is Qui-Vive's problem.

But of course we prefer not to wait until you have any questions: frequent and proactive customer contact is essential to Qui-Vive. Our name says it all, ‘qui-vive’ which translates as being on the alert. Finding out what is happening in the market and what our customers’ concerns are, thinking about better ways to help our customers, devise extensions to broaden your policy and provide better coverage – these are the foundations of our services. We would like to include you in this process, by regularly keeping you up to date of new clauses, or suggest contract improvements or premium changes.

Everyone is important

Qui-Vive doesn’t make any distinction between ‘small’ or ‘major’ customers: every policyholder is equally important to us. That is why we target a healthy mix of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed persons and private individuals and fully care for every file – whether you are a one-man business or manage a company with 500 employees, we always offer the best solution.

On January 1, 2014 Qui-Vive became a certified Meetjeslandse Onderneming (Meetjesland Regional Business).
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In the event of an incident, it is very important to stay calm at all times, particularly if other parties are involved. Getting all worked up about won't do any good, the damage has been done. And it can happen to anyone.


Fill in the claim form fully and clearly: fill out the European Accident Form if it concerns car damage or give a full description of the circumstances in case of other damage. Specify the identity of all involved parties.


The damage suffered needs to be estimated. As party suffering the damage, you will have to request quotes. In many cases there will also be an appraisal. This procedure may take some time.


The eventual claim settlement will follow. Or, in concrete terms, the repair of the damage suffered and/or payment of damages.

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