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Qui-Vive Insurances

An insurance broker with a focus on companies

Private individuals

Qui-Vive's main focus may be on companies but private individuals can also contact us for a personalised insurance package. This is only logical: an SME owner doesn’t work in a box, but is a person with private needs and risks which also deserve adequate coverage.

To provide the most efficient assistance to private customers – chiefly the efficient handling of a claim – Qui-Vive focuses non-stop on these three basic aspects:

Regional network

With offices in Evergem, EekloZwalm and Zele that offer 24/7 service, we stay in touch with our private customers. We know what worries them and based on this understanding, we are able to work out targeted solutions for them. However, this regional office doesn’t imply a geographic restriction, because we prefer to go to people's homes, to get to know them and for an accurate estimate of certain risks. We believe this approach is only logical. Personal contact is important to us because our products happen to concern your personal life directly. By working like this, we often also manage to point out risk aspects that are not covered, or challenging issues you have not considered (such as tax or succession matters).

All-in approach

Qui-Vive wants you to be worry-free and secure in every sense:

  • Offer: we represent a broad range of companies
  • Circumstances: our products cover both life, non-life and health
  • Setting: we offer worldwide coverage, on land, at sea and in the air.

We don't limit ourselves to a standard basic package. We think beyond the overall picture to make sure you have full coverage every day and can go through life absolutely worry-free.

Do you want to find out which risks you should cover in your professional or private situation? Then use our handy checklist. We will be happy to make you an offer based on the results!

A selection of our offer

For each target group, Qui-Vive Verzekeringen has a wide range of insurance solutions, which we fully adapt to the individual customer. More specifically it concerns, for instance:

Risk insurance

A worry-free life? Not so straightforward if you have a house, car, playing children and/or pets. Take out car insurance, third-party liability family and fire insurance, all of which offer broad coverage.


Put aside a proverbial nest egg? You can do this and even get a tax deduction. Thanks to a good pension, long-term or youth savings scheme.

Health insurance

Good health insurance is very important. Good hospitalisation insurance can save you a lot of money.


In the event of an incident, it is very important to stay calm at all times, particularly if other parties are involved. Getting all worked up about won't do any good, the damage has been done. And it can happen to anyone.


Fill in the claim form fully and clearly: fill out the European Accident Form if it concerns car damage or give a full description of the circumstances in case of other damage. Specify the identity of all involved parties.


The damage suffered needs to be estimated. As party suffering the damage, you will have to request quotes. In many cases there will also be an appraisal. This procedure may take some time.


The eventual claim settlement will follow. Or, in concrete terms, the repair of the damage suffered and/or payment of damages.

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