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Qui-Vive Insurances

An insurance broker with a focus on companies

Large and medium-sized enterprises

When we insure a medium-size or large enterprise, we leave nothing to chance and first want to get to know the business in detail. That is why for us everything starts with the audit, where we study your business on site: the processes, fleet, structure, personnel, goods and services, working conditions, etc.

The ensuing detailed and calculated audit report with risk analysis clearly exposes the (operational and fiscal) points of attention as well as the sore points. In short, a very useful and reliable point of departure. Naturally, this audit will be sent to you for you to use later for any other improvement processes.
Or in other words, Qui-Vive first looks at the essence and based on this works out insurance solutions which owing to this detailed approach, cover your risks down to the smallest detail.


The Qui-Vive solutions are very broad, both in terms of coverage (worldwide, on land, at sea and in the air) and in terms of resources (your personnel, infrastructure, fleet, goods and services, regardless of their nature).
We gladly include your position as business owner in our audit, because not only your business needs protection; as the driving force behind this business, you are too valuable not to have optimal insurance.

In a nutshell, Qui-Vive actually wants to present itself to your company as a ‘before, during and after partner’:

  • Before: we draw up a technical in-depth audit as a guideline for your insurance package
  • During: we monitor your policy (or policies) and adjust and/or improve where possible
  • After: in the event of damage, we immediately take the necessary steps to settle everything in the shortest time possible

As you can see, for Qui-Vive, investing in the customer is chiefly investing time in the customer. And this might sound strange but in part we do this out of self-interest, because if all parties are reassured – both us and the customer – we have laid the foundation for a genuine worry-free relationship

Request a free audit

For a customised insurance solution, we will gladly come to you for an audit. We take a close look at business processes, screen the work environment and assess your and your employees' living and work situation. Based on this, we’ll make a well-thought-out and detailed proposal which covers everything. Interested? Let us know today, we will gladly come to visit.

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A selection of our offer

For each target group, Qui-Vive Verzekeringen has a wide range of insurance solutions, which we fully adapt to the individual customer. More specifically it concerns, for instance:

Risk insurance

Not having to worry about anything is so important to function properly. That is why you should protect your work environment and employees. With reliable insurance for industrial accidents, third-party liability operation, fire, directors' and officers' liability, CMR, recall, machinery breakdown, transport, or any other relevant business post – possibly cross-border.

Medical expenses

Health insurance is very important. Good hospitalisation insurance can save you a lot of money.
If you are self-employed or own an SME and you fall ill or have an accident, your income may vanish from one day to the next. In this case, guaranteed income insurance is a reassuring buffer.

Group insurance

A good group insurance gives employer and employee security after their careers. Qui-Vive will gladly work out a special formula for you, with balanced premiums and clear terms.


In the event of an incident, it is very important to stay calm at all times, particularly if other parties are involved. Getting all worked up about won't do any good, the damage has been done. And it can happen to anyone.


Fill in the claim form fully and clearly: fill out the European Accident Form if it concerns car damage or give a full description of the circumstances in case of other damage. Specify the identity of all involved parties.


The damage suffered needs to be estimated. As party suffering the damage, you will have to request quotes. In many cases there will also be an appraisal. This procedure may take some time.


The eventual claim settlement will follow. Or, in concrete terms, the repair of the damage suffered and/or payment of damages.

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