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Qui-Vive Insurances

An insurance broker with a focus on companies

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Qui-Vive Verzekeringen is a company that strives for sustainable growth. And we know full well that motivated employees are an absolute prerequisite for this. If you want to work in an office with a pleasant atmosphere, great colleagues and sufficient career opportunities and challenges, feel free to present yourself. And rest assured: you don't need tonnes of experience, just motivation and enough drive. See you soon?

We set great store on our employees' opinions. Here is what they say about Qui-Vive:

Qui-Vive… More than colleagues

Fun guaranteed

A company called Qui-Vive has to be good.

Qui-Vive combines the benefits of a large company with those of a small enterprise. This doesn’t apply to the disadvantages.

One big family!

Work hard, play hard!

Qui-Vive = personal insurance!

A positive look at insurance!

Qui-Vive is living on Chokotoffs, Napeolon sweets, gummy bears and chocolate

Always in search of a better deal

Qui-Vive Verzekeringen = not your average employer

Success through team spirit

Qui-Vive is not just working, it’s more than that

When the going gets tough, the tough get going


In the event of an incident, it is very important to stay calm at all times, particularly if other parties are involved. Getting all worked up about won't do any good, the damage has been done. And it can happen to anyone.


Fill in the claim form fully and clearly: fill out the European Accident Form if it concerns car damage or give a full description of the circumstances in case of other damage. Specify the identity of all involved parties.


The damage suffered needs to be estimated. As party suffering the damage, you will have to request quotes. In many cases there will also be an appraisal. This procedure may take some time.


The eventual claim settlement will follow. Or, in concrete terms, the repair of the damage suffered and/or payment of damages.

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